Whats Our Solutions?

“ez consultants” specializes in Real Time (RT) Data Acquisition & Customized software solutions.
The customized PC based software acquires RT data from various heterogeneous systems (e.g. SAP, MES, Database server) and varied devices like Multi-gauging system, PLC, Scanners (1D, 2D), Sensors (Proximity, Foot fall..), Interface boxes, Gauges, Measurement Systems etc. and also interfaces to various devices for bidirectional data interchange with devices like PLC, HMI, Printers, Marking Controller, Servers etc.

Component Traceability Systems

Component Traceability Systems

In a manufacturing industry, Traceability, at very broad level can be supply chain traceability.
Component Marking System

Component Marking Systems

For industries where safety is crucial, marking is given maximum importance through software.
People counting software company

People Counting Software

ezc' people counting software provides real-time access to reliable and accurate pedestrian traffic data.
Credit Card Reconciliation

Gauge Calibration Software

Calibration Management software automates the process of monitoring and calibrating gauges
Data aquisition Software

Data Acquisition Software

ez consultants’ DAQ can be fully customized to accommodate an industry-standard interface.
Transport Billing Software

Transport Billing Software

Automated transport billing is the best solution considering its customized billing facility.
Credit Card Reconciliation

Credit Card Reconciliation

Leverage the benefits of reconciliation with an expert and experienced technical partner
Statistical Process Control - SPC

Statistical Process Control

SPC is your quality check-point to know, improve processes and augment quality hence profitability.
SCADA software company

SCADA Software System

Leverage the benefits of reconciliation with an expert and experienced technical partner

Computerised Machine Maintainance

Productivity can be increased by efficient Machine Breakdown Maintenance.

Why choose ez consultants?

Over the years, we have built several customized solutions specific to our client’s requirements based on real time data acquisition from various Interface Devices, Sensors, IoT based devices, IOs and heterogeneous systems. We have built or used many different types of interfaces & communication protocols. The data acquired is processed with analytical tools, to show real time graphs & charts and also store the data with appropriate attributes for future analysis.

We have experience in storing this data in both models on premises or on the cloud. Data may be stored on local PC, Server or Cloud. We provide access to a suite of reports and dashboards that can be accessed locally or remotely.

Want To Join Our Company?

We are constantly looking to add employees to the team that will have a positive impact on the success of our company. With professionals that have an expertise in IT careers, we have built a high quality group of IT experts that help us obtain the success we strive for.
At ez consultants, business is about people. People with big dreams and big visions, people with a passion to make their dreams come true.
Because we started up with a bunch of people just like that. And we’ve grown spectacularly because of the zest and passion of those handpicked few.
We know they’re few and far between. But we’re ready to go that extra mile to find people like these.
We’re looking for that extra something that fires people from deep down within, to be all that they can be. People who don’t just “fit the job description” but s-t-r-e-t-c-h the limits.
Our work culture encourages creativity and openness. We provide a stimulating environment with team-building activities and regular interaction with leading multinational customers from across the globe.

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